"Purple Cow" by Seth Godin (No.6) 『「紫の牛」を売れ!』


ベストバイ(アメリカの家電量販店)の新たなCEOであるBrad Andersonは、偉大な戦略家である。彼は、会社が進化する重要な局面において、鋭い観察力を発揮してきた。


The new CEO of Best Buy, Brad Anderson, is a brilliant strategist. He's got a sharp eye for the key moments in the evolution of his company.
He said, "Instead of selling what we wanted to sell, we sold what people wanted us to sell, and then figured out how to make money doing it.
Every time we talked to our customers, they wanted to follow the path that turned out to be the hardest possible path we could follow. And everytime, that path was the right path."
Best Buy opted to follow a harder path, one that led to a remarkable experience for the customer. At first, this looked like a longer, slower way to make their business grow, but in retrospect, it was a lot faster (and a lot cheaper) than running a bunch of boring ads and staying just where they were.